Meet Quicksearch at Upsales Growth Day, January 29th at the Clarion Sign

Quicksearch’s CEO, Göran Almén, standing on stage and talks about the theme How to create a drive in a sales organization at Upsales Growth Day at Clarion Sign in Stockholm. It will be a busy afternoon where experts and pioneers share their success factors in growth and sales. Quicksearch will obviously be there and invites their customers […]

Quicksearch guest lectures at Upsales Growth Day

Upsales Growth Day was held January 29 at the Clarion Sign in Stockholm, in connection with the next generation of Upsales CRM and Marketing Automation system being launched. The day was a success and offered interesting content on growth and sales and also digital trends. Participants gained new insights, tools, and inspiration to apply directly […]

Customer orientation is an important part of evaluation work

Wildfire has surveyed the values of Swedish companies in which nearly 400 decision makers in various sectors participated in the study. The overall conclusion in the report is that there is a correlation between an active value and culture work and the organizations result. Customer satisfaction is one the most common value words among companies according to […]

Quicksearch in Dagens Industri

In the edition of Loyalty_Rewards 2015, which is a theme annex of customer loyalty in Dagens Industri, gets Quicksearch’s Business Development Manager, Ulrica Björnhag, interviewed for an article about the connection between loyal customers, engaged employees and profitability, which is a hot topic on the market right now. Its not enough to just have satisfied customers […]

Quicksearch at the Sales Conference

The sales Conference gatheres CEO’s, sales and market managers, and salespersons to take a part of the latest research results, trends, and knowledge in sales.The advertising company Vendamore inspired us how to work with re-targeting. Prosales explained how the new role of sales due to changes in the buying process and how it requires better content for […]

A Customer Support that Strengthens Relationships

Study A recent study from the University of Karlstad on The Role of Customer Support Service in Relationship Strengthening shows strong support for the importance of a good support experience. Customer wants to get good help when needed and those that can give it to their customers enjoys stronger sales, more loyal customers and more new […]

Customer expericence as marketing – Net promoter score

From seminar 24 mars Marketing has for long been about convincing the company’s excellence through megaphone marketing – that this time is over, we know with certainty. Customer churn is more expensive than ever, and bad customer experiences spreads like wildfire in social media. Today’s consumers and customers are more informed and more connected than […]

Customer loyalty conference 28 november

We participate in The Customer Loyalty Conference 28 november. We will go through the strategies on how to develop and strengthen your customer relationships. Besides Quicksearch you can listen to JulaClub, BMW Sweden, and Globalmouth who will share insights and knowledge about how to create and develop strong customer relationships. A warm welcome!