Swedish media buyers’ view of media buyers and ad products

Swedish media buyers’ view of media buyers and ad products

Here comes the latest news on the media business and advertising customers’ perception of ad product, vendor and medium.

  • The movement from print to digital media will continue in 2012. Most expected mobile and web TV increase. According to the forecast Internet advertising is growing by 8 percent in 2012, while print media continues the decline that began in late 2011. Keyword marketing is growing by 17 percent. (IRM).
  • Media that manages to create customer relationships have higher profitability At the threshold of 10% of the Net Promoter Score (NPS = proportion of ambassadors minus the share of critics) reached higher perceived value and 20-50% higher profitability on advertising the product. (QS)
  • Continous procurement tracking assured customer experience. In 8 out of 10 cases where the customer is dissatisfied customer can be converted, and become a return customer with dialogue or compensatory offers.
  • Sellers who receive false feedback lowers the price. By comparing the sales teams receive regular feedback on how they are perceived by customers who are not allowed, we can isolate the importance of feedback. Sellers who get the right feedback is more successful in price negotiations. A link that shows strongly in 2011 and 2010 and are forecasted to remain strong in 2012. (QS)

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